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Big, Curly Hair: How To Manage God-Given Volume

Kate Branch has a great head of hair—we’re talking signature volume and texture. Which is why, when she told us that she’d spent most of her lifetime in an epic battle against it, we pressed her on what changed her mind. Her response involved Sally Singer, Solange, and blowdrying only the top fourth of her […]

Nix Clumpy Lashes & Make Lips Pop

To say we’re more obsessed with bareMinerals’ founder Leslie Blodgett than we are with the product itself would be a lie, so we like to say we love both equally. She’s a sun-kissed blonde, straight-across—no muss, no fuss. She came into the office wearing a red cardigan and ate Sour Patch Kids waiting for hairstylist Didier […]

Hair Made For A Rainy Day

Hollywood Babylon, Kenneth Anger’s 1959 book about the film industry’s formative years, is so juicy it’s easy to forget that most of the stories in it are half-true, at best. Tabloid in long-form, Anger details the scandals of Tinseltown’s very first stars (including Rudolph Valentino, Roscoe Arbuckle, and Clara Bow) against the backdrop of a […]

Morenas Iluminadas

Há um tempinho o termo morenas iluminadas vem ganhando força nos salões, se até os profissionais se confundem em relação aos nomes dados pras essas técnicas (já presenciei kkkkk) imagine nós, pobres mortais rss Leia Também: RESENHA: Stick Vult – Iluminador, Blush e Contorno MEU LOOK: Meia Arrastão ACHADINHOS: Renner, C&A e Zara Os termos […]

Pantene Brilho Extremo – Shampoo Transparente

Oi meus amores, post rapidinho pra falar desse achado!! Passei na farmácia rapidinho no sábado e como de costume dei uma espiadinha nos shampoos, eu juro pra vocês que peguei esse shampoo sem nem sentir o cheiro e nem ler, só por ser Pantene peguei e disse “ah pantene é pantene, shampoo básico”, mas olha […]